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Natural Pink Shell necklace, Yemoja Necklace by Mystic Trinket Shop

This Shell necklace inspired by Yemoja. In Yorùbá mythology, Yemoja is a mother goddess; patron deity of women, especially pregnant women; and the Ogun river. There are many stories as to how she became the mother of all saints. She was married to Aganju and had one son, Orungan, and fifteen Orishas came forth from her. They include Ogun, Olokun, Shopona and Shango. Other stories would say that Yemaya was always there in the beginning and all life came from her, including all of the orishas.

Her name is a contraction of Yoruba words: "Yeye omo eja" that mean "Mother whose children are like fish." This represents the vastness of her motherhood, her fecundity and her reign over all living things.

In the Igbo language of south eastern Nigeria, Yemanja is called Mmuommiri, which could be translated by the water spirit.



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