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Green & brown Beaded Necklace Moirae Necklace by Mystic Trinket Shop

Beaded necklace symbolizes The Moirae, or Fates, who were the goddesses who controlled the destiny of everyone from when they are born to the time of their death. They were:
Clotho - "the spinner"; she spun the thread of a person's life. Her Roman name was Nona.
Lachesis, "the disposer"; she measured the length of thread spun by Clotho, deciding how much time a person had to live and what their destiny would be. Her Roman name was Decima.
Atropos, the "inflexible" or "inevitable"; she cut the thread with "abhorred shears", ending a person's life. Her Roman name was Morta.

26 in
15 grams

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