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Dangle Earrings-Gold and Red Spiral - Gukumatz Earrings by Mystic Trinket Shop

Gold and red colored earrings are inspired by the serpernt god, Gukumatz. He is depicted as a large serpent with beautiful feathers, afloat in the primordial sea. Nothing yet exists, only pools of water kept at rest under the sky.

Soon, the god Huracan appeared before Gukumatz, the Sovereign Plumed Serpent, to discuss the creation of man. It is decided between the two that the water should be removed and replaced by land. They both spoke the word "Earth" until from the mist of the waters the mountains rose. Gukumatz was pleased with their collaborative creation of the earth.

Gukumatz also carried the sun across the sky and down into the underworld and acted as a mediator between the gods.

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