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Hello everyone, I decided it's time I write a new post. 

 Everything has been a mess over here, my sister passed away and I'm not sure what to do with myself.  I couldn't sleep so I stayed up till 4:30 creating a new ring.  The before photo looks a bit confusing but the after photo, I love it!  The ring is a size 6, sterling silver and glass.  It came out really beautiful, as usual I just had to listen to where the wire wanted to go and the design came out wonderfully. I think it reminds me of the sky, and since my sister was in the Air Force and she's been on my mind, I’m naming it Sharane. Unfortunately it's not my size, because I made it a size 6, so maybe someone who is a size 6 needs her strength, her courage, and her devotion to intellectual study. She was a teacher, she was a athlete, a beauty queen, independent, strong willed, and a terrific sense of humor. She will be missed dearly. The ring will be available in the store at some point today. I’ve decided to donate all of the profit to my local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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