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The Autumn Equinox inspired Chandelier Earrings

autumn chandelier earrings inspiration

These chandelier earrings were inspired by The Autumn Equinox which is at the cusp of the end of the Virgo cycle and the beginning of the Libra cycle. Virgo, the Virgin, is depicted with a sheaf of wheat in her arms and Libra is represented by the scales of cosmic justice. At this time of harvesting, the produce from the summer months is gathered and stored in preparation for the winter cycle. The sign of Virgo represents the Spiritual Mother, whereas the sign of Cancer represents the Earth Mother.


Virgo here represents the ascent of the soul towards the purity of virgin consciousness on Earth, through the daily discernment and refinement of consciousness. The Virgo experience is a process of learning to discern the chaff from the wheat – what is pure and what is impure; what to accept and what to reject; what is of use and what is no longer of use. Virgo represents the interface between body and soul.


The job assigned to Virgo is to undertake the task of daily life with a consciousness of spiritual awareness and understanding – a living demonstration of the awakened soul on Earth, raising the seeming mundane to a higher spiritual level of existence, allowing the spiritual to influence the physical.

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