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Bracelet -Pink and Gold Beaded Wire - The Hearts of Women are Gentle




This Bracelet was inspired by this passage: "Man, too, must possess an excellent disposition, who never fails to comply with his wife's wishes, since the hearts of women are gentle and tender, and harshness to them would be cruel. If he be angry with her, so great is her sensibility, that she loses her health and becomes weak and delicate. A wife, indeed, is the mirror of her husband, and reflects his character; her joyous and agreeable looks being the best proofs of his temper and goodness of heart. She never of herself departs from the right path, and the colour of her cheeks is like the full blown rose; but if her husband is continually angry with her, her colour fades, and her complexion becomes yellow as saffron. He should give her money without limit : God forbid that she should die of sorrow and disappointment! in which case her blood would be upon the head of her husband."

Short excerpt from "CUSTOMS sun MANNERS of the WOMEN OF PERSIA."

Written by Nahʹnah Kuls̲ūm January 1, 1832

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